Thursday, January 26, 2012 make some 'snow-box-sleds'

...never heard of this?

Me either.

Lucky me, we have yet another exciting boy scout adventure/competition to prepare for!

I can refer you back to the spaceship experience...remember when Will's rocket fell off the zip line?

Unfortunately for him I don't expect this experience to be any more successful.

The rules:

Create a sled using..
1) Cardboard
2) Duct tape
3) Zip ties (I haven't figured out what we might need these for....this may be our first problem.)

Lucky for Isabella she gets to participate in this event as well.

I googled the concept on google images...Let's just say I hope these folks don't attend our derby.

I found an article from the local Watertown newspaper...Wow.  These people had vision and time on their hands.  Impressive.

Here are a few others:

No one mentioned that we needed our snow box to accommodate more than one child...

A boat
 Show off.
Tiger Stadium.  Extremely impressive.
Today was a half-day so I thought it would be a great chance to begin our creations.  I purchased a few fun colors of duct tape as well as a very large roll of extra-wide regular duct tape.  The kids dragged in a couple of oversize boxes that I have been hoarding in the garage and the creating commenced!

Preparing their boxes

Making the tape just the right length.

A car

A snow box sled
My vision was to let the kids enjoy the afternoon by taping up their boxes and adding some color.  

My only hope is that their snow boxes will make it down the hill.


  1. They look really good, Isabella and Will!! Good luck in the big race!!