Monday, January 9, 2012 clean out the freezer

...why of course this is what I wanted to do today

I have a set of beer mugs that I always keep in the freezer.  In the rare event that I am thirsty for a soda and I can't have a fountain pop, I like my Coke to be super cold.  So I will pour it into one of the beer mugs.  Pure deliciousness.

Of course Isabella and Will think this is super cool too.  Who doesn't like little frozen chunks of Coca-Cola in their drink!  You see where this story is going right?

To make it even a little more frozen they like to put their mugs back in the freezer.  Then they'll take them back out and sometimes maybe even have to eat them with a spoon.

Well an even better idea, and of course it saves the step of pouring it into the mug, is to just put the can of soda into the freezer right?  And then never go back to it....


Soda everywhere.

What a mess!

Maybe I should watch my children better you say?

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  1. But who hasn't done this, only to forget that you put the soda in the freezer? Right? Maybe I'm more like your children than I ever realized.