Tuesday, January 24, 2012

...to be a good mom

...but I don't foresee any nominations for an award coming my way after today.

Overheard from the peanut gallery:

"It's not like we even really had dinner last night.  I mean four meatballs and some sauce on a plate with some garlic bread..."

"Count to ten...breathe."

"Maybe you should have some more coffee.  You seem...you know...stressed."

"You never spend any time with me.  You are always with the little girls."

"How come you always take away my video games first?"

And for my last, non-award winning accomplishment for today:

Perhaps I should put her back in the five-point harness?

As one kind-hearted friend noted:  "At least she is clothed AND she has shoes on".


I'll try harder tomorrow.


  1. For the record, I think you are doing a wonderful job! My husband is around and I find myself trying to model myself after you!

  2. You're one of the best mommas I know! Audrey so enjoyed your time together, she simply passed out from exhaustion. :)