Thursday, April 21, 2011 blog again!

I might have been helpful had I mentioned in an earlier blog why I went on hiatus...but Lent surprised me one day!

And because I knew that what I really wanted to give up wouldn't happen (yelling at my children....BTW if they wouldn't give me anything to yell about, I wouldn't have to yell!) I decided to give up something I knew I would really have control over.

So I gave up blogging.  Yup.  Writing them and Reading them.  While it was tough and I didn't supplement that spare time with all of the reading  materials at my bedside table like I wanted, it was a start.

So you are probably wondering why I am blogging now...its not Easter.  Well according to the priest we met at the Sunday evening cadet mass, Lent ends on Holy Thursday.

Who knew?

Alleluia said my kids.

Catch up on all my blogs said I.