Friday, January 6, 2012 share a funny kid moment

...Mark's inspiration for me

Mark writes every now and then about life in Afghanistan.  And he has shared some comments that he has coined "Smart things he hears around the FOB".

So every now and then I'll share "Funny things our kids say or do".

funny as in peculiar

Time:  3:00 in the morning
Place: my room
Child: #3

#3:  "Mom.  I already just got dressed so I don't have to in the morning!"
Me:  Huh???
#3:  "And I already just made my bed!"
Me:  fumbling for my phone to double check the time.  yep.  0300.
#3:  "Can I lay with you for a little minutes?"
Me:  "mmm" (acquiescing and hoping the less I say the more she will realize it is NOT okay to be awake at this hour and thinking if it means you'll go right back to sleep and don't talk to me anymore and I don't have to take you potty, walk you back to your room, find your baby, get you a drink of water, and tuck you in...of course you can get into bed with me. )

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  1. I love it. She's just trying to be prepared for the morning and save you time....and get you to allow her to sleep with you.