Wednesday, January 11, 2012 get better at delegating

...because frankly it is just easier, more efficient, faster, and is done better, if I do it myself.

Having said that, I feel as if our children probably do more than the average child does (of their similar age) just because we have more children than most families do.  And also because of that little fact that I have been by myself for the last eight months they HAVE to pitch in more than their peers may have to...

Yet I think they need to do more?  Are you confused?

Well maybe not really more...but more responsible chores.  My thoughts is that maybe they balk because they don't want to get Timber food for the hundredth time; maybe it is because the chores is just another mundane task.

I definitely tease the big kids all the time that I had children just so that they could do my chores for me!
But to set the record straight, my goal is two-fold: to help them feel more grown up and to have them give me a little less grief about doing their chores.  

Today, while I was home with the little girls I was just picking up here and there and I decided to enlist their help.  Funny enough they LOVE to 'do shores' as Audrey calls it.  (Hey if she thinks she's at the beach...than who I am to correct her?) Well the little queen emptied the dishwasher just as well (and probably more carefully) than either of her biggest siblings!

she is very serious about her tasking

No...she is NOT pouting she has to do this 'shore';
She is pouting because #3 dared tried to do one piece for her!
my heart is palpating as I watch this...envisioning
that entire scoop of food going all over the floor.  Alas, it did not.
My goal in changing up the chore chart isn't to make them feel overworked, it is instead to make them feel a bit more like Abbey and Audrey do...They love to do their simple chores b/c they are challenging to them.

It did take FOREVER for Audrey to complete the task...but instead of doing it for her, I moved on to picking up the living room.  When she was finally finished, I went back to tidying up the kitchen.  She felt like such a big girl!  Me...I was impressed and got to thinking that I need to capitalize on this interest.  And up-the-ante on the big kids.

I guess what I really think they need it to do some things with a little more responsibility.

I am starting to think about the possibilities and am always up for suggestions.  #1 and #2 will be super thankful I am sure if you send your ideas along to me!

Right now some of the things they are responsible for include:
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • feeding the dog
  • making their lunches (although I hardly EVER make them do this...because I do it for them)
  • keeping their rooms clean (for the most part they are pretty good at this)
  • helping when I ask them to (again they are pretty good about this as well)

I think that Isabella and Will's chores have lost their zest!

I have tried out my theory a little bit of late and given them a few new tasks over the past couple of weeks to include: cleaning the mirrors in the bathroom, wiping down the counters (with Clorox wipes) and cleaning the toilets.  So far they have loved these tasks!

So here's what I am thinking:

Isabella is nine...I think she could begin to make some simple meals on her own?  Maybe she can make spaghetti, meatball subs, and tacos?

Folding the laundry and sorting it and maybe putting their own away?  (oh my, the sweat is beginning to bead on my brow just thinking about the state of chaos their drawers will become!)

Really cleaning up the kitchen? (clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, wiping off the counters) of course not on the days when I have cooked like the swedish chef.

So...I'll let you know how it goes with:
  1. me letting go of control
  2. them accepting their new challenges
  3. the decrease in 'disgruntle-ness' 



  1. Having them put away their own laundry is a good one! I have Katie, John, & Luke put away their clothes that go in their drawers and it works well. The boys drawers are a little messier than I like,but Katie keeps hers pretty neat! Good Luck letting go of that control! You can do it!

  2. What about setting out their clothes for the week on Sunday nights? Using colorful foaming soap to clean the bathtubs? Getting those cute duster slippers and having baseboard dusting races? Putting a magic lottery sticker on a random dinnerplate and making a game out of clearing the dishes to see who the winner will be? My resistance to giving up control yielded so much faster than yours! I decided last week that I don't care if the house is clean. Eva, the toddler tornado wins. She is stronger than us.