Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...to bundle up and listen to the wind

... because "Baby It's Cold Outside!

And Yep...in case you were wondering, I am still listening to Christmas music.

It is still the Christmas season until the Ephiphany (celebrated on Sunday).  And while my poor Christmas tree had to come down (Audrey could have huffed and puffed and blown that thing over) I am still living the Christmas spirit.

And finally the weather is beginning to cooperate.  It is -1 degrees right now.

And so tonight I am sitting here: watching the Michigan football bowl game cheering on the Maize and Blue mostly because Mark can't and Will is asleep (and oh yea, Michigan State won their bowl game last night), sipping on a hot decaf latte, reflecting on coffee and the cold.

The cold doesn't bother me too much.  Maybe its the Michigander in me, but more likely it is because I have so many ways to get warm that I love:
  • A nice heavy sweater.
  • Turning the heat up just a bit.
  • Sitting next to a space heater in my nice office space.
  • Sipping on a hot drink
  • A fire in the fireplace.
My favorite part of winter is having something hot to drink.  The colder it is outside the better.  This just means the more hot drinks I get to have in a day.  And I think I have become of collector of hot drink makers.  

Of course I have a standard coffee maker.  A few years ago I received my trusty Cuisinart from my in-laws.  This is a great machine complete with a grinder.  The coffee is fresh and can be made to be ready upon awakening.  Perfect for use when a full pot of coffee is needed.  
Two years ago Mark bought me a coffee press.  Yum.  There is an art to making coffee in this way.  The press brings out such rich flavor.  I think its most useful as a conversational piece or when I have plenty of time to enjoy the process.  I have good memories of our friends the Moynihan's using a similar coffee contraption for dessert one relaxing evening together back in our Pennington days.  This piece is comforting.  

Last year for Christmas my parents bought me a Keurig.  I love this machine.  In just a minute or two I can have my hot drink of choice in my hands.  It may not be the most cost effective way to drink coffee (or other hot drink of choice) but it surely offers the most options and convenience.  

This year...this year I received a prize.  Mark and I love to sit and have a cup of coffee (mind you with raw sugar, and frothed half/half) on the rare weekend morning we don't have to rush off to a commitment.  And when we go out for a nice meal we love to linger over a cappuccino.  So this year, I was so excited that he sent me a beautiful, shiny, espresso/cappuccino/latte machine!   

This afternoon I was finally able to semi-conquer this machine.  Thankfully, after many failed attempts, I read the reviews that it takes time and patience to learn to use this machine and make a good espresso. 

So tonight I am sitting here watching the Michigan football game all cozy and warm.  Sipping on my cappuccino with a single shot of espresso sans sugar.

I am not perfect at making my new hot drink of choice (and am willing to listen to any pointers/suggestions).  But for tonight I am happy I am cozy in my home, savoring my cappuccino and hoping it stays 'cold outside' until at least a while after Mark comes home.

Because I can't wait to savor these drinks, and cold evenings by the fire maybe catching the end of March Madness together.  I'll even cheer on the Maize and Blue if I have to.  


  1. Burrr is right! I am glad that someone is enjoying these freezing temps! Enjoy your hot drinks!

  2. I think you're a coffee addict. You have like 5 coffee making contraptions and talk about like a meth addict.