Saturday, January 14, 2012 finish the Valentine decor

...because this holiday is right around the corner and it is yet another holiday closer to Mark's return!

When my dad was putting away all of the Christmas decorations I had him keep out all of my red and white, non-holiday-specific things.

After Christmas I picked up these felt hearts (that I made into a little holiday garland), the wooden rose trees, and the small wreath.  These were perfect for Valentines Day; especially at 75% off!

I would love to 'frame' the little wreath since I feel like it is too small for that giant space, but surprisingly it has been too cold for spray painting anything!

The dining room continues to be my favorite room...

Here are my red lanterns I found this summer, a little Valentine printable I found on-line, and a few of the carnations from my children that I got for Christmas!  They are still doing pretty well.

A new and an old apothecary jar filled with yummy Valentine treats (suckers, candy hearts, Dove chocolates).

I noticed today the sucker jar is dropping suspiciously low.  If I had to guess it was our invisible fifth child, "Not Me", that ate them.

My chickens (I love to place these red guys in lots of places), more of my holiday flower arrangement from the kids, another printable I framed, and some more yummy Valentine treats (candy corns, red-hots, and cinnamon  heart gummies).

February 14th...just around the corner and when the count-down can really start.


  1. You are unbelievable. "After Christmas I picked up these felt hearts (that I made into a little holiday garland)." I'm laughing my ass off and telling you you're sick because Mark isn't here to.

  2. everything looked amazing! YOu have inspiried me to get in the valentine's day spirit :)