Thursday, January 19, 2012 transplant some greenery

... and please don't think I was inspired by the balmy weather (single digits) we have been having!

While I surely have a busy household with many commitments I don't often feel stressed.  But yesterday and today, I most definitely have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

And my young, creative, intuitive first-born surely sensed my anxieties.  She is such a gem.  We arrived home much later this evening than we usually do.  She knew that she couldn't make dinner for me (because she isn't allowed to use the stove or microwave if I am not home) and instead, made me this lovely fruit & veggie platter for the girls and I to snack on!

After seeing this creation of hers, I could feel my anxiety lessen.  After we indulged in her creation...

I looked over at this beautiful terrarium and felt a little more peace:

Meghan made it for me from 'all things West Point'; including the small piece of driftwood inside.

I was inspired.

So doing what I do best in moments of chaos, I like to create a little more.  I looked around at the other plants I had around the room and decided to transplant them all.  I wish I had taken pictures of all of them but I didn't think about it till I was half-way through my project.

Isn't this one pitiful!

This poor plant had been 'stuffed' into the turquoise pot above!

'pitiful one' now in a pretty little pot
I am not certain this little guy will make it.  And I quite possibly have decreased his chance even more by placing him on the desk next to the couch.  I can almost envision him in a pile of dirt on my rug.  (Ugh.  I must think happy, positive thoughts!  He will not be knocked onto the floor.  He will not be knocked onto the floor....Maybe I should just move him.)

I already feel a bit more calm.  

And I even learned something new this evening...potting soil freezes in the garage.  Who knew?    


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  1. love the transplanting...and that platter was just too sweet :)