Wednesday, January 4, 2012 write 200th blog!

Pretty impressive that I have stuck with it this long!

When I began this blog, I already read many different blogs myself.  Mostly ones that made me feel a bit incompetent in the areas of: house-keeping, organizational skills, time management, project doing, and mothering skills.  The blogs that I would (and continue to) skip around on are filled with amazing tips, great advice, fun ideas, personal journey's, families stories... and often are written by persons who are skilled writers.  And though I still love reading all of these types of blogs, I don't really have the skills to write on these topics.

My sister-in-law was my inspiration for this blog.  I had never thought about blogging myself.  But I did to create a journal that hopefully in the future my children can read and maybe gain some insight about me and how I think.  That while I love parenting, and spend most of my time doing it, there are so many other things that I enjoy, think about, and want to try.

It was quite a while before I told anyone that I had a blog. Mostly because I was embarrassed.  Poor Mark was one of the last to know.  I had told Kyle and Taylor and Meghan but held out telling him because I thought he would tease me about spending even more time on the computer.  Now, he is surely my biggest fan.

I wish I had some exciting way to celebrate this 200th post.  I don't.

After reflecting on this being the 200th entry, I only wished that I had kept a blog back when #1 was an only child.  Because....oh my, have I evolved in my parenting.  And maybe not for the better.

Judge for yourself.

I never would have even thought about taking Isabella for a walk in the neighborhood without making sure she was dressed perfectly!  Note her matching sandals...

Much less taken her out in public without making sure her outfit was properly accessorized...

But #3 and #4....these two little ladies are lucky.  Check out how I let them 'dress up' to go to Wal-Mart today! (I wish they were playing dress-up...these are actually the clothes that they wore...all day.)

Don't you love Audrey's hair?  She did it herself!  Yes, she is wearing sweat pants that say 'Cutie-Pie' underneath that lovely skirt of choice.

And nope...if you look closely Abbey is NOT wearing any pants.  Just leggings, her leotard, and a sweatshirt.

So...I'm a different mom today than I was when #1 was little.  Maybe better, maybe not.  But hopefully I'll have my journal to note the next several years of progress evolution of my mothering skills (or's thoughts).

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  1. I think you're a better mom. You have four kids who think that too...and a husband.