Tuesday, January 19, 2016

...to help them remember

...this past weekend was a big deal.


"The ability to do something that frightens one."


These two have courage.

Not because they can race around on this crazy contraption.

But because, both Isabella and Will did things this weekend that I am not sure I would have...

Isabella's school has been trying to put together a debate team.  This is something that she is interested in and has the aptitude for.  But...her team and only had one practice session and her coach enrolled the team (four students) in a tournament.

Isabella was mortified that she would not only have to participate in an activity that wasn't prepared for but she didn't even know what to expect.

After several conversations, and a few tears, we agreed that I would talk with her coach on the morning of the event to 'excuse her' from participating.  I *tried*.  (With my fingers crossed.).

Clearly the end of the story is predictable...she participated.

AND she placed.  Second overall.  Pretty impressive for a first attempt.

Next time she intends to win.

Now Will's boy scout troop has been preparing to go on a Polar Bear camping trip for the past few months.  They have been practicing their outdoor cooking skills and first aid activities.  This past weekend was the-real-deal.

I was a nervous wreck.  The forecast up north in the Traverse City area was bleak.  Windy, snowy, and single digits.  Brr.  

This was Will's sleeping arrangement...

Will was a trooper...

the end of the first full day outdoors
And made it home safe and sound...

After he had unpacked and taken care of all of his things and was sitting down for a few minutes he said to Mark and I, "I am pretty proud of myself."

You should be buddy.  You absolutely should be.

We are super proud of both of them for trying something really hard and out-of-their-comfort-zones...and succeeding.