Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...share a few gems of the day

...because it is always fun to reminisce about the fun stuff

Fun thing #1

This morning when I woke up to run I was surprised to find that I wasn't sleeping alone.  (Frankly, it is also a bit unnerving that one of my children was able to creep into my bed unannounced. But sweet nonetheless.)

Because my young cherub was sleeping so peacefully I simply couldn't get on my treadmill.

This fits right into my mantra, "Must try to find reason not to exercise each day."  Which consequently isn't helping the 'well there's more of me to love' quandary that I seem to have.

I digress...

Fun thing #2.

When I finally did actually wake up my son...I was tickled to find that he had already gotten dressed.  Head-to-toe.  Uniform on.  Socks too.

This leads me to think I have given my children some sort of complex about timeliness and getting ready on time in the mornings...remember Abbey a few weeks ago?

Fun(ny) thing #3

I thought the house could use a little cleaning:
Audrey: "Mommy what is that?"
Mom: "Huh?"
Audrey:  "What are you doing to the floor? What is it?"
Mom:  "A mop?"
Apparently I need to clean a little more often.

Fun thing #4

Will has wrestling on Tuesdays and Thursdays and last week they received their singlets.  How cute is he?

Showing off one of his 'moves'.
Fun thing #5

I have tried to make a concerted effort throughout this deployment to read to them each evening.  And for the most part I have tried to pick books that a) appeal to both of them and b) are something they might not choose to read themselves.

We are powering through the first book of the Harry Potter series.  Neither or the big kids (nor myself for that matter) were very excited about reading this book.  And now we can't wait each night to sit down at read a chapter (or two if I can be convinced; and usually I can be convinced to read on).

We are looking forward to watching the first movie.  Maybe we'll be able to rent it next weekend?


  1. I loved reading each of these little gems! Puts a smile on my face!

  2. Yay for enjoying Harry Potter! It's always fun to be surprised by liking a book and to enjoy it so much you don't want to stop. Happy Reading :)