Wednesday, March 2, 2011 take a long drive

...and it was even longer than I expected.

So here we are up at Fort Drum.  Our family's new home to be.

I had heard it was cold.  No big deal right? I am from Michigan.  Well, I am weak.  It is freezing here.

I had heard they get a lot of snow up here.  No big deal; I am from Michigan.  I lived in Colorado.  Seriously, I am certain I haven't ever seen this much snow.

I had heard it was remote.  No big deal; it's not as if West Point is a metropolis.  Or that Highland Falls has great night life.  Well the Family Dollar store looks as if it is the highlight of the brick and mortar stores.

I was envisioning that maybe I might save some money by moving up here...than thankfully I saw the UPS man on Post.  Whew!  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Well the kids and I spent some time exploring the post.  I was really surprised by how new everything appears.

The picture below is from a friend of a friend, who was kind enough to send me several photos of her home.   We were able to look at the different housing areas.  Again, it was a really great surprise by how nice the housing is.

A three-bedroom single family home