Saturday, January 7, 2012 post some numbers

...because I thought it would be fun.

Besides I have always liked statistics.

6  the number of times I was interrupted during my 30 minute run this morning on the treadmill
0  the number of times the interruption was necessary
2.7 the number of miles I was finally able to complete.

6 the number of 'bites' of the kids' donuts that I had this morning at Dunkin Donuts.  Do you think this equals a whole donut?  Probably not.  No definitely not.  Right?

4 the number of children I took grocery shopping today after their sugar high at Dunkin Donuts.
17 the number of times I had to correct #2, 3, and 4
2 the number of times a child hit someone with our cart.  Thank goodness it was me that was hit.  Well, either way, it was nearly deadly for the driver....
4 the number of children that I brought home from the commissary today.

In case you missed me writing about it before, #4 is terrible about actually trying to lay down and go to sleep in the afternoons for her nap (This is why I refer to this time of day fondly as the NTN.  Nap. Time. Nightmare.). Thus, usually I sit very close to her room and do some work until she falls asleep.  Usually the process is not too painful...she just sits in bed and plays and reads for nearly an hour till she finally succumbs to her drowsiness.  But today was my lucky day!  Today she was upset.  About what?  This is anyone's guess.  But...

47 the number of times that Audrey yelled "I won't cover up!"  "I said...I won't cover up."  "I am NOT going to cover up."
4 the number of phrases she tried after she realized "I won't cover up" wasn't going to get me to respond to her.
0 the number of times I responded to her.
3 the number of glasses of wine I thought I had earned for enduring such torture.

2 the number of hours she mercifully slept for this afternoon.

We also went to church this evening.  No one wants me to report on those numbers.  U-G-L-Y.  I can report that William did learn a most important week for each time he "just HAS" to go to the bathroom during mass, he'll lose 2 days of play dates after school.  Anyone want to place a bet on the number of times he leaves mass next week?  I am pretty sure it won't be 3.

.5 the number of hours left in this day.

How does the day pass so quickly?


  1. I'm exhausted from just reading this and it is only the start of my day!

  2. Krissy, I enjoy reading your blog. I wish I had half of the patience you do. You are a busy mom.

  3. Audrey sure is persistent. That can be a good quality. You should look at it like that.