Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...to show a flash from the past

...that I found the other day when I was looking at old photos.

This video is Isabella and Will when they were very small.  William would have been about 14 months old and Isabella would have been nearly two.

A lot hasn't changed in their relationship since this video...she still dangles all the 'carrots' and then determines when and if he is going to be able to have a piece/participate.

Maybe this is the relationship of many siblings so close in age and why the whole birth-order-theory has some merit.

My apologies in advance...but again, probably only grandparents will find this humorous.

P.S.  She still is known to covet hoard all of the treats.


  1. Oh, this is priceless!!! I love their little faces!!! And it reminds me of another pair of siblings (that I love) and their relationship!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Again...more than just grandparents like these videos. I remember that one from a long time ago...and still love it. Thanks for pulling that one out and posting it.