Sunday, January 8, 2012 share our picture perfect morning

...these are real photos

Of my children taken right at the same time (well as close as I could)!

And I didn't even have to 'set up' the photos...they are taken in real time.  Isabella was the only one who realized I was taking pictures.

It just goes to show, the moon and the stars can align sometimes.  And what better timing than on a lazy Sunday morning.

Abbey is painting at the kitchen counter.

Isabella is painting in the dining room (with acrylics...this is why they are separated!)

Audrey is building with her Legos.

William is working on his thank you notes.
It's true.  I can't make this stuff up.

And to top our morning off...Audrey decided to serenade us.  (Be warned...this clip is for grandparents; only they will think it is cute).

I think she gets her musical talent from Mark.


  1. That is my kind of morning!

  2. Not true. I think that vide of Audrey is adorable. What a sweet, mild, well behaved child. This makes your "numbers" blog make you look like a liar. :-)