Saturday, May 30, 2015 watch them play, soccer, soccer, and baseball.

Our weekend was full of activities and it was the first time in a long time that I had to try to juggle the madness on my own.

Here in AA, much like in our former Army communities, neighbors and friends are always willing to pitch in.  Audrey attended her game with her friend Clara and then was invited to stay for a playdate until I returned from the other two girls' games.

I wasn't able to take very many photos of the activities this weekend...

Abbey was watching Isabella play in one of the rare moments this weekend when the sun was shining...

Isabella enjoyed her last soccer game of the season and played in spite of not feeling very well again the few days previous to her game.   But these two coaches were the kind of coaches you WANT to play for.  They were kind, well-spoken, demanding, and they really cared for the team.

Isabella enjoyed playing for the Strikers...

And they were a really nice group of girls.

It takes a special person to coach middle school girls...and these two guys did a stand-up job.

Not only did they send out a team Mother's Day photo earlier in the season but they also handed out personalized medals to each of the girls.  AND they baked chocolate chip cookies for the shapes of each of the girls' initials.  

AND at the beginning of the season they bought the girls their soccer socks with their team name on it.

We were so pleased to hear they are going to coach again in the spite of the fact that the head coach's daughter is moving up to high school.  Isabella reported she "is definitely playing in the fall". I am so glad that I 'highly encouraged' her to play this season.  Turns out:


The rest of the day I watched Will play two baseball games between the rainstorms.  

You can't tell from the photo, but it was a downpour at this moment.

Bernie enjoyed the day of darting between games...he didn't seem to mind the mud and rain either.

one wet pup
Thanks to my darling cousin and her husband, I didn't even have to entertain the girls.  The tournament wasn't too far from their home and they brought the girls back to their house to play and hang out.  I was able actually to watch both games; uninterrupted too.  Too bad they didn't win either of their games.  

Bernie didn't care if they won or lost...He was just happy to be included.

Friday, May 22, 2015 enjoy a lemonade stand that I didn't have to run!

This young lady and her three friends have been planning a lemonade stand since April.  Each day she would come home from school and give me additional details about this plan.  These details became increasingly elaborate.

  • There was a plan to have a chef (little Olive).
  • There were to be walkie-talkie's to radio the prep staff.
  • There was a driver (driving his little electric car) to drive the goods from the kitchen (at the back door) to the front yard.
  • There was a raffle to meet the chef.  
  • Facepainting.  By real artists.
  • Oh yes...and there was to be food.  Cookies and fruit.

Charley and Abbey.  Two of the four masterminds.  Charley's mom earned her mom-of-the-year badge for this event.  Not only did she agree and coordinate this event, but she went above and beyond in setting up and carrying out all of several of the important details.

Chef Olive.

Advertiser and sous chef Sylvia.

Their stand was a happening place.

The face painting was a hit.

And we even topped the event off with the release of our butterflies.

They were amazing to watch...

And a couple of them even stopped to smell the flowers.

The event was a success.  The kids really enjoyed their entrepreneurial event.  They are already planning another one.  I told Abbey that we are busy that weekend.    

Sunday, May 3, 2015 enjoy a few activities

...over the weekend...

This weekend proved to be no more relaxing than last weekend.  But it sure was full of activity, fun, and exercise!

Isabella had a soccer practice.
The family participated in the Burns Park Run.  Mark is going to help chair the event next year so he was busy shadowing this year's event organizers.

The rest of us participated in the running portions.

Isabella, Abbey, and Audrey all did the fun run.

Will and I both ran the 5K and while I didn't break any PR's Will beat his time from a few weeks ago by 5 minutes!

The girls and I attended a local community theatre production The Little Mermaid.

Will played five baseball games this weekend.

Here are a few fun photos from the weekend...

How cute is this kid?

How about this little guy?

Like father like son.

Thanks for coming Mimi and Richard.

Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks for coming big and little sisters.

And thanks for coming Papa (not pictured).

After announcing their boredom...the little girls finally found a place to entertain themselves...

And Isabella enjoyed the peace by herself.

As for Will, his team came away with second place in the tournament!

And Mark is now home recovering from two solid days of being on his feet morning till night.