Wednesday, February 1, 2012 take a field trip to the Fire Station

....with Will's boy's scout troop.

I am not sure whether or not to talk about this trip as something I enjoyed or something that was a pain in the a&%.

I have been on several fire station field trips.

For that matter the kids have been on several fire station field trips.  But none that 'completed badge requirements'.

The only real reason I was looking forward to it was because Abbey seems to have developed this fear of fire, firemen, and firetrucks.  (I think due to the fire drills the daycares have to participate in).  And I thought this would be a good opportunity to enlighten her a bit.

Quite possibly the worst thing about this whole boy scouting venture that Will is involved in, is that it requires total parental involvement.  Meaning, in order for him to participate in an outing or meeting, he must have a parent present.

This is where my story gets a little pouty.

No other child in his den has a parent that is deployed.  And three out of the four other kids in his den...have the luxury of having both of their parents accompanying them to the meetings...sans any siblings.

All I can say is poor Will.  At these events there are only five scouts, at least eight parents, and usually only three extra girls present (known in our home as #1, #3, and #4).

I'd venture to say, "We bring the party people!"

Tonight was no different.

Beginning of the tour:  

All of these boys were listening intently.  Audrey had ditched her rain boots and was shouting, "Tag!  You can't get me Abbey!"

Really...I can't make this shtuff up.  Here's a photo for proof!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that no amount of persuasion could convince her to put her boots back on.   (Thankfully Abigail is much more reasonable.  Did I just say Abbey and reasonable in the same sentence?)  I am not afraid to admit it...I am afraid of her in public venues such as this!  That girl has stamina I tell you...I didn't dare cross her at such an early stage of the field trip either lest we be escorted out of the building.  Thus, the little Queen, remained shoeless throughout the entire fire station event.

Middle of the tour:

Little boy next to Will is thinking, "Seriously dude...get her out of here!"
End of the tour:

I think she is actually cackling in this photo, "I win, my pretty little mommy! I win!"
I can say that I am so thankful for evenings like this.  So thankful I can see the humor in her antics.

Awful.  Why yes...She was surely awful.

But you want to know something...I didn't once offer an excuse for her behavior.  

So, I suppose the evening was a success.  Sure, I would have much preferred the option of staying home with my little tyrant but...William got to earn several requirements, I got some great photos of the kids, and Abbey learned that firemen aren't so scary after all.

sittin' sweetly 

responsibly attentive

scout salute

fears put to rest

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