Friday, December 30, 2011 unpack from the Great Wolf Lodge

...getting ready to go on vacation is always much more fun than coming home from one!

And how exactly can four little people create such a disaster in such a small place (our van)?

Now let's talk my calculation none of my children wore more than
  • a swimsuit
  • a pair of PJ's
  • and one outfit

for the three days that we were gone.  But for some reason...I am already on my fourth load of laundry?

It has been a long time since we have gone on a trip.  Since all of our travels this summer we only had the one trip to West Point in October.  And I guess I have forgotten that recovering from a trip is more about the sadness that the time has already passed than it is time consuming to get everything put away.

For me it was great to get away.  Fun to have the chance to share my kids with someone else...and watch them play and laugh and enjoy themselves.  What a fun trip it was!

Even #4 tried her best to cooperate for a group photo.  Will and Isabella have their magic wands here in this photo.
For Christmas, my dad gave the kids and I a vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge.   Two nights and three days at a child's perfect version of paradise.  Swimming, water slides, a child friendly hot tub, yummy junk foods, an arcade, and a super fun "Quest".

This game, is one that is played throughout the resort and the children wave their magic wands in search of treasures.  This makes the life-size wolves howl, the photos on the wall talk, and chests of treasure open.  All in search of 'Runes'.  There are several levels  of "Magi" (pronounced Ma-Jai (as in match; as in jive) to be achieved and the big kids really enjoyed running around before and after tiring my dad and I out at the pool all day to complete this treasure hunt of sorts.

Here are a few of some fun photos from the weekend:

Loving the water.

Such a big girl on the water slides!

My dad hanging out with the little girls while I got to take the big kids on the water slides.

The big kids even got to see Niagra Falls.  But BRRR is was cold!
"This is the life!" (Reading and Ice Cream at dinner) 
#4 made herself very 'at home' in the park much to the embarrassment of her biggest sister. 
How fun is this!

A rare shot where they were all above water at the same time!

This was a super memorable Christmas gift to all of us.  And such a fun time for all of us to be together.

Thanks Papa.  We already miss you!

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  1. much fun you guys must have had. I think that was the perfect present for you guys; one that y'all will remember for a long time.