Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...to figure out these 'e' lending systems

...yet another reason that I wish Mark were home.

If you have known me long enough you know that 'new' gadgets really aren't my thing.

Mark cannot wait for the newest computer or electronic gadget to make our lives 'easier', more efficient, enriched...whatever.  If he were here I would not be writing this post.

Myself...well I have little zero patience in trying to figure out new devices.

Santa apparently did not know this little fact...since he brought two new Kindle devices into our home.

My children, the delighted recipients, are quite technology savvy.  In fact, both of them were quick to order themselves new books since conveniently...the Kindles are linked to MY Amazon account.

In order to put a stop to this nonsense I set out to figure out how they can borrow books digitally.  I have heard stories of how simple this process is.  "Right from your own home" I have heard people say.  "Piece of cake" said others.  "If you have Amazon Prime, the process is easy!" I read.

The librarian here on post said it is as simple as "signing onto AKO".  Let me just say, "Has anyone actually ever tried to search anything on AKO?"  That site is exactly why I hardly ever use my army.mil account anymore.  That website is anything but user friendly.

I digress.

The point is I have spent since 4:00 this afternoon trying to borrow my children some books for our trip tomorrow.  We went to the public library this afternoon just to get a library card.  The lady at the front desk said that the site was 'user friendly'.  I think I have heard this before.  

At this point I have only managed to borrow one book from the only site I have been able to figure out.  I had no luck with the library and definitely no luck with AKO.

Amazon was the winner if this was a contest.  But apparently there is a 'one book limit per month' with Amazon prime.  That Amazon page said she can't borrow another book until January 1.  Are you kidding me?  Isabella will read that thing in an hour.  Then what?

Oh, how I wish I had the ability to lock my Amazon account on their Kindles!  I'll be broke by January 1st!


  1. Yes you will...but at least they're reading!

  2. Lol, welcome to the wonderful world of kindle and amazon (which, if not careful, can be a bit addicting - not to mention expensive)
    Just got mine about a month ago
    Go to amazon and sign in - in the amazon search bar at the top of the page scroll the drop bar down and click on "books", then next to it type in "free childrens ebooks" and it should pop up a couple of pages of Many free ebooks. You can download as many as you want without spending a penny.
    Happy reading and wishing you all a safe and Wonderful New Year