Thursday, December 22, 2011 make a 'not to-do' list

...for the last few days before Christmas

I think I hit my finish-line yesterday.

Thus the reason I have missed a few posts.  I have been burning the candle on both ends even more than I usually do the past few days.

Part of the problem is generally I over-do it.  That is my nature.  Holidays make me surge into over-drive!  The second part of the problem is that Mark really has a lot of jobs over the holidays.  He handles the holiday lights, he handles the Christmas cards, and he helps tremendously with the Christmas shopping, idea gathering, and wrapping process.  The last part of the problem, is that instead of nixing a few things off my list, it felt like it was even more important that I did them.

For who? Who knows.  This is why I need my voice of reason at home.  My gatekeeper close to me again. Because I am CRAZY! I cannot stop myself!  For those worried about me...I am starting a new class on January 1st.  The course will be called, How to Tell Yourself "NO-That is a Dumb Idea!"

I digress.

I think it probably was to maintain our 'normal'... Our traditions that we have as our own family unit as much as I am able.

Well yesterday was my finish-line,  It was the deadline for all of the packages to go out and make it to their destinations in time.  It was the kids' last day of school so all of the teachers' gifts (e.g, baking, holiday packages, cards from the kids (you know, raffia, big bow, pretty tissue paper)) had to be finished.  My visitors began arriving (so all of the cleaning and tidying had to be completed).  And all of the shopping had to done (so that the packages could get here in time).

So today...

I wanted to:

  • make a big breakfast (think bacon, eggs)
  • clean the house and get it ready for my Dad (Does he care how much I clean...No.  He just wants to see us!)
  • do the laundry that was beginning to accumulate
  • go to Walmart with the kids (who thinks I have lost my mind...four days before Christmas with four kids?)
  • make cookies (because I have given all of our away)

I did NOT do any of it!

I made coffee this morning and cut up a few strawberries.  I hope they weren't hungry?  But I played with my adorable nephew who came for the night to visit.  I chatted with my sweet in-laws who were thoughtful enough to drop in on their way to Michigan for the holidays.  And I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

When they left, I picked up the house for a while sure.  But then, I drank some more coffee.  Caught up on some blogs, and chatted with my best friend for a bit (a.k.a. gatekeeper, while sitting on the couch!  Meaning I wasn't washing dishes or folding laundry.)  Aren't you seeing progress already on my resolution to be?  

We went out for ice-cream this afternoon...what a fun Advent activity for the middle of the winter!

And to top off the day, I sat with my dad and the kids and watched a whole movie.

No cookies.  No laundry.  And left-overs for dinner.

I think a day like this needs to be worked into our new holiday traditions.

I am refreshed and ready to finish the madness.

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