Friday, December 23, 2011

...i wanted to try to get on the 'nice' list

...because as of right now I am on the 'naughty' list.

According to Santa I need to work on my temper.  The PNP says that Mel Gibson looks calm compared to me.

So all day I have been singing my favorite childhood song, "The Day Before the Night Before Christmas".

If you know the song the key refrain is, "I'm busy, busy, busy being good".

L-O-R-D-Y knows I am trying! But #4 sure can bring out the worst in me.  That child sure has a temper.

Phew.  She is finally asleep.

I have tried many things with that little one.  She has stamina though I tell you.

I thought the little Elf that found us this month was going to keep her in line.  I instantly loved this little guy!  He was my 'in', my direct link, to Santa.  And she LOVES him.  She can't wait to find him every morning and thinks that it very funny that he is quite mischievous.

However, she frankly does NOT care that Plymouth (our Elf) reports to Santa every evening.  In fact, since the little red munchkin has come into our home she has taken up a new trick...spitting.   At me.  When she is mad.

Oh dear.  I am afraid I might not make it on the 'nice' list this year.


  1. Is spitting the new has hit our house too...and I DO NOT like it...ugh...

  2. I think santa would be on your side...and if he's not, tell his jolly fat &$$ to get down there and watch 1-4 for a couple of hours so you can go out and be "good."