Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...to attend the Christmas program

...I did attend but wasn't able to watch.

It is evenings like this,, where two parents are a must!

Would anyone who reads this like to take a guess as to how the little girls were behaved?  Now...you only get ONE guess.


The funny thing is, I joked with Amy earlier in the day that my girls would probably be treated better by me if I left them at home locked in the closet than they would meeting my wrath, if they were not behaved. Let's be clear I would never do this.  But I did wish I knew someone who I could have left them with.

I digress.



These are adjectives that come to mind.

Audrey can be lucky that it took us thirty minutes to get home.

I would love to give the excuse that she was tired.  But she wasn't.  She was just difficult.  And unfortunately for me, my darling #4, cannot come back from 'the point of no return' if I cross her.  She has absolutely no coping skills after she gets in trouble.

On my way home, while I was cooling off, I was able to recognize that events like that set little ones up for failure.  The event is long.  The children have to sit far away.  The event is held late in the evening.  The children have to be quiet.  They do not care how well little Johnny Q. can play the piano.  They just want to know why that mom over there brought her child snacks and remote control cars to play with and why they are expected to sit still.

I didn't lose my temper over this one...well only a little when she dared back away from me at the car toward an oncoming vehicle; but she did have to go to bed without a story (OH THE HORROR) when we got home.

Want to know what phrase she was screaming all the way home?

"I don't want to leave!"  "I don't want to leave!"

Hardly fitting.

Sorry honey.  I didn't get to videotape this one.

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