Monday, December 12, 2011 put in our Advent activity on time

...finally I remembered to put in the activity before the kids woke up!

The advent activities are something we started a couple of years ago.  And finally, I think the kids have become wise to my ways.  They have figured out that I don't A-C-T-U-A-L-L-Y know what we are going to do day-to-day.  I tried to tell them I kept the little cards out of the doors of the Advent calendar because they would peek.  I think they know better now.  My secret is out.

It is impossible to plan twenty-five days of activities in advance.  Not only does 'life' get in the way, but so does nature.  Who would have thought that we still have NOT been able to take a walk in the dark while it is snowing up here in the Great White North  (This was supposed to be event #6!)?  Or that gingerbread kits apparently were rather hard to come by the first week of the month (yes...I could have put together my own.  Made fresh gingerbread.  Compiled the piles of candy.  But I have to draw the line somewhere.).  And sometimes, time presents the biggest factor.  For example tomorrow night the children have their music performance at school.  I think the art project to make bird feeders and reindeer food is out-of-the-question for tomorrow night.  I'll opt for something that can be done in a  shorter amount of time like read Christmas stories under the light of the tree by the fire.

Some activities that I have planned are more fun than others: Snowball fight (with cotton balls (idea courtesy of my friend Kathryn)) vs. writing a note to thank someone who might not get recognized this holiday season.  All of the activities are meant to bring us together, if only for a few minutes, each day during the madness of this month.

Whether we are baking cookies together or bowling, it is more important this holiday season than ever to give my children this sense of the holiday.  That, in spite of our circumstances we can celebrate the season and experience joy.

J-O-Y to the world...especially 'our world' in Afghanistan.

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