Wednesday, January 9, 2013 post my 2013

...New Year's resolutions.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how I did with last year's resolutions.

So many thoughts went through my head as I re-read what I wrote about this time last year.

-Missing so many many people.
-It was written about a time that seems so long ago.

2012 was a very different year than 2011.

Mark was home.
Fort Drum has become our home.
Augustinian has become 'our' school.
Our family was together.
Mark was here to share my worries with, temper my crazy ideas, and take over when I needed a break.

What a difference his presence has made.

As for my 2012 resolutions I had stated that:

I will not make excuses for myself, my children, or the state of my home.

I am going to try to make better, healthy choices.
Epic Fail.  This one needs to become a priority.  I am not getting any younger folks.  The wrinkles are wrinkling on (taking off make-up consistently), the teeth are getting older (flossing), the toxins are building up (drinking more water).  Make this number one this year.

I am going to try to not volunteer for things.
Moderate Success.  I have a few things that I like to do.  Make a meal for a family.  Coordinate the book fair.  Attend unit activities.  My mantra for all of the other things that arise....sign-up last...and the task will probably be volunteered for by someone else.

I am going to try to read more.
Minimal Success.  I am reading.  Always more blogs than books.  And often more magazines than newspapers.  But I am reading.  Reading while I wait for the kids at their activities, reading while I run on my treadmill, and reading till my eyelids droop shut at night.  I say minimal success, because I wanted to read more 'substantial' reading material.  For now...I will remain content with light-reading-material.


Without further adieu....

My 2013 Resolutions

1.  Healthier choices.  Drive safer.  Drink more water.  Sleep more.  Lift weights.  Exercise with a plan.  Better meal planning.  Blah, blah, blah.  Don't we all try to work on this same resolution to some degree?

2.  Facilitate better relationships between our kids.  The little girls are two peas in a pod.  Will floats easily amongst all of the girls...teasing them, wrestling with them, enjoying their company.  For the most part all of them 'get along'.  However, I sense there is this competition amongst them all in which they are vying for our attention.  I would really like to see them enjoy each other's company more, and rely on 'winning my attention' less.  In about 18 months we'll move again and they'll only have one another...

3.  Learn how to use my new camera.  Wow.  This thing is complicated.  I have always enjoyed good quality photo and I often take pretty good pictures.  But I want to really learn how to use the features my camera has to offer.

4.  Enjoy the quiet days at home.  I found I would run errands just to run errands.  To get out of the house.  To stop at Starbucks.  To run to Target.  To waste a morning.  Especially while Mark was gone.  I want to stay home on those mornings without plans to take the time to stop...and smell my roses.  My third little rose will head to Kindergarten in the fall and I'd like to enjoy my time with her.

Here's to 2013...

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  1. Those are wonderful new years resolutions. You should look for a class to take that teaches you how to use your camera. I bet they have one at JCC. Just a thought...