Thursday, January 24, 2013 enjoy the day in Syracuse the new addition at the mall.

What once was the Carousel now Destiny USA.  This is THE place for entertainment if you live around the area.

The primary reason for our visit was that Isabella wanted to do the Canyon Climb for her birthday celebration with her friends.  The children had the day off of school two of her friends and their siblings and their moms and our convenient these ladies are my friends...joined us for a super fun outing.

First we enjoyed Wonder Works.  A hands-on children's museum like place.  There were so many displays and activities for each of the children (3-12) and they all found something they enjoyed.

Mind games:

Ball games:

Bed of nails:

Future astronaut training:

Bubble blowing:

And these weren't even the highlights of the place!

It was the climbing the kids thought was the BEST!  Here's the 'birthday girl' in her climbing finery.

And all of the other climbers...

Friend 1...a rock start climber!

Friend 2, a.k.a. Isabella's sister, or so they are asked ALL the time.
Jolene and B

The boys.
Next time, maybe I'll try it.

Instead today, the little girls and I enjoyed several rounds on the carousel...

And a quiet stroll through the mall...

My pirates:

Ahoy! There!  Out there!"

What a day!

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  1. SUPER COOL!! I bet the kids had a blast! I love that climbing spot. How close is it to you? It might be your new go-to spot for the winter months! Happy Birthday, Isabella!!