Wednesday, January 30, 2013 help #4

...enroll in an art class


Apparently, she needs some guidance with respect to: how-to-draw-portraits?

You be the judge....

Here is a portrait she drew of me this evening (while I was minding my own business, reading to the big kids):

Our conversation:

Audrey:  Hey mommy look at the picture I drew for you!  It is yooouu!  (spoken most             joyfully!) 
Me:  Oh? (long pause)  It is? 
Audrey:  Well here are your eyes.  To help you see better.  Four of them.
               And a rainbow head 'cause it's pretty. 
Me:  Oh?  That is my head? 
Audrey:  No.  Ooops.  Soorrrry.  (all in the tone of a slightly bemused sorority girl)   I mean its your big, giant belly.


My whiny thoughts:

Did she have to use so many adjectives?

Does she really think I have green fuzz in my belly button?

Perhaps I should have accepted her description as my head; and hoped she made it so large in order to accommodate all of my brains...

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  1. Ha ha ha!! Love it!! That's funny. Look... we're no artists over here either. Focus on your "real" strengths I tell James. Ha ha... I love the block head she gave you. That's a keeper for sure! XO