Wednesday, January 16, 2013 let Abbey ride her scooter


Abbey got a new 'lectric scooter for Christmas.

However, we had several inches of snow before Christmas and came home from our trip to Michigan to several FEET of snow.

Hence, there has been no opportunity for scooter-riding since she received this grand gift from the fat, jolly, old man.

But we have had an unusual warm front sweep the great-white-north.

Not bust-out-the-flip-flops warm but soggy-wet-mess heat wave-esque.  Warm enough to melt nearly all of our snow.  And unfortunately for Abbey, leave the roads a gross, salty, wet mess.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday...the conditions were prime.

The roads were dry.  The sun was out.  And it was a balmy 28 degrees.

Scooter time!

Does she look cold to you?
Concentrating.  This is harder than it looks!



gone...the car that is.

Sadly, the snow is back.  And the scooter has been put away again.

But it is charged and ready for the next, balmy winter day.

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