Wednesday, January 23, 2013 begin the search

...for a new nanny.


What is the difference?

I don't exactly need someone full time (babysitter).

My hours are usually fixed although flexible (nanny).

Yet this individual has to feed my children (babysitter), transport my big ones to activities (nanny), and run errands as needed (nanny).

I pay hourly (babysitter).

I need someone to do light housekeeping such as empty the dishwasher and keep the house tidy (nanny and babysitter).

As I was writing the advertisement for new nanny/babysitter I realized that I have a lot of demands.

This is the applicant I am looking for:

Too bad she lives in Chicago.

Friend of mine or not...this poster describes Audrey's reaction to our sitter-to-be:


This process is no fun.

And I have barely begun to look through the applicants...

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  1. Interesting... I am just starting the search to return to work. I am getting more and more ready to go back but thinking about childcare is enough to make me throw my hands up and say "forget it!" We have also thrown around the idea of hiring a nanny, especially since Peter isn't even 2. I imagine I won't be able to start working before next fall, but the wheels are turning! Let me know what you decide since you're already in the full swing of it. Good luck!