Sunday, January 6, 2013 ease back

...into our crazy life.

As you can see, I took a long little hiatus from blogging.  From reading blogs, writing blogs, and searching more projects for myself to do on blogs.

We enjoyed three pretty full weeks of family time.

The time leading up to Christmas was so exciting with the four little ones in the house.  And Christmas day was all we had hoped for.  The kids were excited, grateful, and kind to one another.

After Christmas, we traveled back to Michigan to spend time with our families.

I have reflected before that our children have a very different upbringing than Mark and I did with respect to the proximity of our extended family members.  However, I think our somewhat frequent visits home, certainly pay off.  Not only do our children look forward to seeing their Great-Aunts and Uncles and second-cousins, but they ask when (and by name) when they are going to see them.

Just this weekend the little girls were playing upstairs and Mark and I overhead them pretending to 'take a trip to visit Grandma Viele'.  Abbey was Grandma Viele.

This warms my heart.

Especially since there is never enough time to see everyone and spend the kind of quality time with each family that we would like to.

Nevertheless, we really appreciate all of the effort our parents, cousins, Aunts/Uncles, and grandmother's make to see us on our much-to-abbreviated timeline.

Mark and I spent the weekend relaxing, drinking coffee, enjoying space between ourselves and our young ones (10 days is a lot of constant family time), and preparing for the craze of our schedules to resume tomorrow.


In we eased back in.

Lunches are made.
The kids are showered.
They're in bed (and asleep) early.
Tomorrow's dinner is prepared.

We are about as ready for our return to our crazy we get.

On another are some pictures of our time back in MI.

Disclaimer:  I received a new camera for Christmas.  I took somewhere around 500 photos.  MANY did not turn out and I had to scrap them.  Some photos are better than others.  If we saw you when we were home, and I don't have a photo...I am sorry.

I have a lot to learn about taking photos.  Number 3 on my resolution list (I'll post this another day).

They are in no particular order.

Abbey and her second cousin, Liz.

So many Viele's showed up for an impromptu dinner Jean hosted for us! 

My Dad and the kids at the GWL.  Thanks Dad, it was an awesome visit!

My nephew Garrison and Audrey.

Our cherubs with their third cousin Mickey and their cousin G-man.

Great Aunt & Uncle and their third cousin Da vid.

Great-Grandma Viele remember Isabella's birthday...and made her, her signature cake!

Mimi, Richard, and the kids.

Grandma Viele, Aunt Debbie, and my cousins Emily and Brooke

Enjoying game time with Steph!

A number 9 candle plus a number 1 candle...equals 10.  Viele Math

Costumed and ready for the Magi Quest at the GWL.

Two very happy grandparents....all of their grandchildren at home at once.

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  1. So glad you are back! Looking forward to catching up over a glass of wine.