Friday, January 25, 2013 share more interesting articles

...that I read this week.  We'll call this take 2.

These are the articles I read this week that I was so impressed by I emailed them to myself so I could read them again.

1.  If it wasn't obvious to you before, it will be now...I am a grammar nerd.  I think in a previous life I must have been a linguist.

I find the discussion on the use of commas fascinating.  Over the years Mark and I have had conversations about the use of commas with conjunctions and lists.  I was taught and believe that the IPA system is correct.  In other words...use the comma.

You can judge for yourself.  The arguments pro and con are provided in this intriguing article.

The Comma...Use or Not Use??

2.  I found the next article endearing and sweet.  It makes me want to donate my girls' dolls to small town local libraries when they grow out of them (although, secretly I hope they'll always love dolls).

A beautiful life for a doll.

3.  Finally, while it might be impressive I am citing an article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), please don't be fooled.  If only I had the luxury of serenely perusing intellectual periodicals such at the New York Times or the HBR...

In fact, I get most of my article and blog links from a handy little app on my phone that delivers topics of interest to me.  And each night I read until my eyes can no longer remain open.  Yes, I fall asleep each night to the soft glow of my phone.

I wonder if sleeping with my phone is detrimental to my health?

Sitting is terrible for your health!

This article certainly validates our intent to teach our kids to be active, but even more importantly presents the idea that activity can be built into everyday routines.

Perhaps we should start studying spelling words and math facts while jumping on the trampoline?


  1. Is this your way of getting me to read more than my FB newsfeed?