Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...to continue interviewing

...for our soon-to-be-new-nanny/babysitter

I wrote about the search last week and how I had just begun the process.

I wrote about how complicated the semantics are.


I gave my opinion about how Audrey might react to the new sitter.


Well, I was correct about dreading it, the semantics of the job description, and how Audrey is handling the news.

Audrey was sitting next to me on the couch last week while I was compiling a list of potential applicants from the websites www.care.com and www.sittercity.com.  Many of the applicants post their photos alongside their job descriptions.

Audrey was commenting while I was clicking on the possibilities....
"Not that one."
"I don't like her".
"I don't like ANY".
"I think Heather can just stay with us".
Did I mention Audrey is 3?  Not 13....


I am not a fan of interviews.

My palms get sweaty.  My stomach does flip-flops.  My breathing rate increases.

Yup...even when I am the interviewER.

I feel like I am trying to convince them to work for me.
I want you to play quietly with my preschool daughters for nine hours.  Do fun things: pretend play, practice their writing, color in one of their million coloring books.  I want you to feed them a healthy lunch.  Did I mention you have to convince them to eat it...without threatening them?  I am the only one allowed to threaten them.  No TV.  It distracts my patients.  You can't let them cry because it distracts my patients.  And you definitely can't let The Queen have one of her notorious temper tantrums (it would distract my patients).  Can you also make sure the dishwasher is emptied, the house is tidy (you know...the patients), and snacks are ready for the big kids when they get home from school?
Geez...I need convincing to work for me.

I completed four interviews Friday and Saturday.
I did one phone interview over the weekend.
I completed two more interviews today and I still have two more to do later in the week.

The good news is I had so much interest in the job that I pulled it off of the nanny sites by Saturday afternoon.

The bad news is, of the seven interviews I have completed I have only ruled-out two girls.

The great news is any of the other candidates would be great choices.

I wish I could give each of them a job.

I want to make each of them happy.

They were each so sweet.

I think I will I narrow the field down to three candidates....

and then I will let Mark decide.

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