Tuesday, January 22, 2013

...to try to make rice


We eat plenty of rice in this house.

And I am TERRIBLE at making it.

Sometimes its too dry.  Often its too sticky.  Occasionally I burn it.  Many times I undercook it.

Over and over.

I have asked for advice from my good friend who is a chef, from friends whom have had us over for dinner, even from acquaintances who are native to Mexico and Spain.

I am hopeless.

My family agrees.

Thus, typically I resort to Minute Rice.

While Minute Rice IS timely, and usually turns out nearly perfect, I always feel as if I am slightly cheating my way to a good meal.

I continue to persevere.

Last week I even busted out my rice cooker.  Again.


While we were home over the holidays, my Aunt gave each of the children a book.  And Isabella's was the lovely children's cookbook:

I love cookbooks.

We also have several children's cookbooks.  Most always, I find cookbooks for children have typical 'kid food' in them.  Things like chicken fingers, pizza, pancakes, or desserts.

Not this treasure.  This cookbook for children has meals you would want your children to eat.  There are also beautiful photos AND a few recipes for rice.

Abbey and I tried a new one this afternoon.

Arroz Blanco.

Looks pretty good doesn't it!

I was super pleased.

Even the peanut gallery expressed their pleasant surprise at supper this evening.

A great improvement.

Not perfect.  My rice was still probably a little too moist and a tad too sticky.

But it wasn't gluey or crunchy.

I'll keep trying though.

And maybe, someday, I'll even be able to serve it at a dinner party.

Just in case you were wondering...it appears the trick in making good rice is to let it soak first.

Thank you Aunt Debbie!  Abbey and I had fun trying a new recipe this evening.

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  1. Rice is tricky, isn't it? I've also heard to put a smidge less water than the recipe calls for. That way it all gets soaked up. Of course you don't want it to be dry either. I find that it's hard not to forget about it on the back burner while I'm doing other things. I think the new rice you made looks delicious and waaaaay less poisonous than those meatballs you tried to make the kids eat. :) Hee hee.