Monday, January 21, 2013 wonder how

...the weekend could have slipped away so quickly!

Oh My.

We were so excited to have my brother and my sister-in-law visit this weekend with our niece and nephew.

They endured a tortuous trip with their barely-nine-month-old and their nearly three year old way up here to Northern New York.

Eva dressed herself for the trip:

Evidently...she forgot to check the weather forecast.

Today's high was 9.  

Who would leave VA for NY in the winter??  Did I mention they had to drive through DC on Inagural weekend?

Long.  Trip.

They made it and we ALL had a great time.

somersaults on the stairs of course

indoor play-land time...for the kids

a captured moment

how cute it she!

undercover agent?  builder?
Abbey followed Liam around all weekend in order to hold him at ANY given opportunity.
Thank you for making the trip!

The time together was priceless.  We built so many memories for our little ones this weekend.

We love you...
Aunt Titi and Uncle Kyle

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