Thursday, January 17, 2013 share some of the interesting things

...that I have read this week

To keep me honest about reading more, I thought it might be fun to share some articles and tidbits that I come across once a week or so that really peak my interest.

Maybe someday, when my kids read all these blog entries I write, they'll appreciate knowing what piques my interests.

1.  I found this article both comforting and interesting.  Comforting because we chose not to send Audrey to preschool this year.  And interesting well validating may be a better word, because I often get strange looks from acquaintances when they find out she isn't in preschool.

2.  This is a gem...I am sort-of a grammar nerd.  Truly.  And I love to re-aloud.  But sadly, yes, I actually was mispronouncing most of these words incorrectly.

3.  This article caught my interest because of my own inner-conflict with wasting time.  In fact, I held off joining the FB world for so long because I knew that it would suck precious moments of my free time away from me.  I fooled myself into believing that just because I never wrapped myself up into 'looking at the pages of old high-school classmates' or 'stalking potential new friends' that it was just a way to be connected.

However, I have found myself in recent months checking my 'news-feed' several times a day.


I. Have. No. Idea.

The updates in my newsfeed are not even that interesting.

So, while I am not going to the extreme of breaking up with FB, I have deleted the app on my phone and now will only check once a day or so on my computer.

Happy reading...

Note:  If you only read ONE of the above articles, choose the grammar one.  Just for kicks, to give yourself a little quiz about the words and how you pronounce them.

Bonus:  It is the shortest article.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I truly enjoy reading your blog....

    I actually looked at the grammar link as well.and yes I too was pronouncing some of those words wrong....go figure.

    Until next time.

    1. Thank you Sue for telling me.

      It is nice to hear.