Monday, January 7, 2013 have a smooth

...first day back at work.

I love my job.

However, I sometimes feel as if I complain about working 'too much'.

Sometimes with all of the responsibilities of our crazy home-life I think I would prefer to not have any work responsibilities.

But then I work and remember why I do....

12 appointments.
1 new evaluation.
Lots of new words.
Several mastered sounds.
One child learned to drink from a straw.
One adult reported he can make appointment for himself now over the phone.
One little girl has begun to string three words together.
Another adult has in one short session begun to improve the flow of his speech.
One parent reached out to a community service I put her in touch with.

As a therapist I don't pretend to have all of the answers.
Instead I offer only a big bag of tricks and a strong commitment to my families.

AND...I always wish I could do so much more for the families I work with.

I wish I could figure out the 'trick' that would compel the little boy to use his communication board.
I wish I could provide the young family a reliable vehicle to drive.
I wish I could give respite care to the mother who so desperately needs it.

But for today, I'll relish all of these small successes I saw.

And remember these small successes are a BIG deal for my families.

I love being able to help facilitate these accomplishments.

It certainly was a smooth day.

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  1. You are an amazing speech therapist! Don't ever think for one minute that you are not changing each of your families lives. I am so thankful you do what you do! Of course, I wish you had more days off so we could just hang out too!