Saturday, September 1, 2012 solve the mystery of

...Who dun nit?

It seems we have been having some funny things happening around our home.

Things like:

  • missing hairbrushes
  • a missing tube of toothpaste
  • stolen tubes of Chapstick
  • even stolen cookies from the cookie jar!

and this heathen certainly likes scissors.  I can never locate mine!

Then, this culprit started leaving things around the house.  My own children's personal items!  This ogre has been trying to frame my children!  Can you even believe it?  It is true.  I have found:

  • a shirt in the middle of the living room
  • a helmet in the bathroom
  • even a DS on the porch!

The straw that broke the camel's back though was when this mystery child started staging events that my own precious gems would NEVER do!  Things like:

  • leaving an entire hand towel soaking wet in the sink
  • spitting gum out in the driveway
  • leaving the front door wide open
  • and a personal favorite...pee on the toilet seats!

My children insist they haven't seen this perpetrator but they do know this little gremlin's name...Not Me.

I am not sure whom this little monster thinks s/he is!  Really...trying to get my cherubs in trouble.  Perhaps Not Me will stop his/her shenanigans next week when school starts.  Maybe a sense of structure and routine will help provide this little troll a sense of purpose in lieu of framing my little angels.

Because if these antics continue, I may have to take drastic measures...

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  1. Surely you can't possibly be talking about my 4 PERFECT grandchildren,can you?! (: