Saturday, September 22, 2012 host a birthday party the roller skating rink!

William will be turning eight in two weeks.  And I didn't want Mark to miss out on the joy of celebrating with all of Will's friends.  Thus, we celebrated a bit early this year.

Woo Hoo!
Dad's are so much fun!

Mark and I got to race...

I won.
(only because Mark fell when he was trying to show off.  He is going to have a sore be-hind tomorrow!).

The kids did the limbo...

We ate birthday brownies!

And enjoyed so many other fun moments:

Audrey didn't enjoy skating as much as she enjoyed being rolled around...

Best Buddies

Abbey & Luke
The gifts were an awesome bonus to a super fun afternoon...

Our evening was deliciously relaxing.  We had a nice dinner, watched several hours of football, and have enjoyed watching William enjoy his gifts.

It's a real good thing Amy and I have been doing our part for this activity.  Because we have saved up several corks, Will was able to enjoy some target practice with his new Nerf gun!

Putting together another of his gifts with his big sister...

What a day!

Happy early birthday little man!

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