Wednesday, September 5, 2012 send my children

...back to school.

Have they changed?  Grown?  Take a look and see for yourself.

They aren't the new kids any more.

They have the right uniforms.  And they even have crisp new shirts and spiffy new shoes!

The bus ride is familiar.

Their back packs were stuffed and ready with all of the right school supplies.

They weren't leaving from 'the house of chaos' this year.  Or even talking to their Dad from thousands of miles away about their day.

They enjoyed a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls.

Li'l Man ate three...I think he is growing.
And both Mark and I were able to take them to school this morning.

They were set up for success.

Than why the tears when I bid them goodbye?

My tears.  Not theirs. flash...I am not real big on change.  I like status quo.  I like things to stay the way they are.  I like the familiar.  Change is stressful for me.  

Hopefully, they don't realize this yet about me.  

I can't let them sense this weakness or else they won't be excited about the unknown, about what's new, and what could be!

So like many other good mom's out there I took my photos this morning,

my girls.
(Trying to get them all to cooperate for a photo is a challenge of itself!)

(A little better...But Really?? Bunny Ears (Audrey is making them too!)?  This is supposed to be serious people!)

 (My favorite photo of the day)

Then I said adieu with a smile, and kept my fingers crossed that this would be a great day for my first born

4th grader
and her brother.


Despite missing the bus, or being left at school (the story changes depending on who tells it) Isabella reported that her 'grade' for the day was a B+.  She admits she is a bit afraid of her new teacher.

William, not to be outdone, reported that the grade for his behavior was an A+ and that his first day was awesome!


  1. Oh... they look so happy and proud. And look at their uniforms, so cute! I had a hard time saying goodbye this year too. I can feel it all going too fast... I know you can too. I just want to slow it down a bit. I understand what you're feeling. And the end note was funny! Can't wait to hear that story! Love to you all and best wishes for another A+ day at school!

  2. This makes me cry too- they are growing WAY too fast!! Miss them all!! Love G