Saturday, September 15, 2012 order for Audrey

...but I guess I am no longer allowed.

Silly me.

It was a beautiful day outside so I rolled the windows down in the car.

Consequently the queen responded that I am no longer allowed to order for her.

As in, place her Starbucks order for her.

You read this correctly.  Because I rolled down the windows in the car, I am no longer allowed to place Audrey's order for her when we go to Starbucks.

This is a true story.

I even managed to catch her chastising me on video.  My apologies on the isn't smooth.  However, I was trying to video her without her knowledge AND I was not looking at her; since I was watching the road.  

She informed me once again during nap-time that I wouldn't be allowed to order for her.  Apparently this time my violation was that I was requiring her to take a rest.


This child has certainly figured out how to give an ultimatum.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending....


Mommy got a little nap too.


  1. Yup. She tollllld you. Silly mommy. Well, it looks like you won that one after all. There's nothing better than an afternoon nap!

  2. I especially like how she says "FINE" all exasperated in that first video! Too cute! She's got some spunk....which I love!