Friday, September 28, 2012 try out my new

...YMCA membership.

I have been exercising pretty regularly for as long as I can remember.  In my much younger days I did Jazzercise (remember that??), swam, walked, lifted weights, did yoga and of course ran.  Over the years, running has been the quickest, most effective way for me to get in a workout.  And certainly, six just after William was born, my most convenient.

And while I do enjoy running on my treadmill, lately I have been considering joining the YMCA just to change up my routine a bit.

As convenient as having my treadmill has been, I still am always exercising in my closet.  Me, my closet, and Little House on the Prairie (until recently...every now and then I'll read a magazine or book on my iPad).

Mark actually was the one who suggested we should go take a look at the YMCA facilities just last week to see what they have to offer.

We found, there are three local YMCA gyms.   They all have (with variable hours) free, child-watch programs.  And although the child watch programs are limited they are sufficient AND all of my children are eligible to attend.  This is a huge benefit!

In order for me to work out on post, I have two options:

Go to one of the neighborhood community centers and have my children play on the play structure while I use the exercise equipment (there is a large picture window to supervise the little ones through).  This worked well approximately one time.  Inevitably one of my children would have to go potty, two would start arguing, one would get hurt, the treadmill was broken, the weight set was get the picture.

The other option is for me to drop the little girls off at daycare (where I may or may NOT be able to get them a reservation) and pay four dollars per hour per child.  Not to mention the inconvenient distance the two buildings are from one another.  Then I have to pawn my big kids off on a few playmates in order to go to the gym in peace for a short while.  I have never used this option.  It is simply too complicated.

This inconvenience is why I resort to running in my closet.

But lately I have been ready for a little bit more.  I have been thinking about beginning to lift weights again, maybe jumping in the pool for some laps, and possibly taking a class or two.  I have been ready to commit a little bit more to my own health and sanity.

Then, ironically my treadmill broke on the very same day I had planned to join the YMCA.

I'll take that as a sign it was most definitely time.

So today was the first day of a new routine...

Take kids to school then go to the gym.

Audrey was a little less sure of this new plan of mine.  I am not gonna lie, there were lots of tears at drop-off.  But when I came back to get her she was all smiles!

Her teacher said, "Well, it took her a few minutes to settle down and warm up to us.  But when she finally started talking that child never did stop till you just got here."

I think this lady's ears were ready for a break when I finally arrived.  I can sympathize.

To reward Audrey for going all by herself and being so well-bahaved I treated her to one of her favorite  treat spots!

She wanted to be sure to share some of her donut with me...

Wasn't that sweet of her?

At least I didn't negate the calories I burned on my first day back at the gym with empty calories.

I like to think that is what Audrey was thinking too.

Day one of the new routine down for both Audrey and I.....just how many times does it take to make a new habit?

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