Monday, September 3, 2012 have a water balloon fight

...with a Daddy ambush!

I picked the kids up some water balloons at the dollar store last week.  And they have been so excited to try them.

We took the opportunity this afternoon to fill them up while Mark was taking a little nap this afternoon....

They worked really well together while they filled them up!

Abbey is so excited she can hardly stand it!

Then the kids ambushed him when he came outside to see what they were doing!

Now it is a WAR!


Uh Oh...he captured the supply

Ouch!  That one had to sting!

Now she'll get him!

Meanwhile, Audrey is happy to hoard her personal supply...

Until she gets caught in the crossfire...

Not so happy

She is quite done with this game.

Outta here!

Oh...summer days....

1 comment:

  1. I like to have water ballon fights like Audrey. Everything is fine until I get wet!
    Looks like they all had fun!