Wednesday, September 19, 2012 figure out

...what this plant/weed/shrub-like thing that I found is

I have been thinking about taking some home for several months now because I love its shape and its coloring.  Then, just yesterday I realized that these were turning this really lovely shade of deep purple.

It appears to 'act' somewhat like tumbleweed might (if I ever visited the southwest  to see for myself I could confirm this suspicion).

It is roundish, dryish, and I have found it on the trail I walk Timber in somewhat sandy-ish soil.  It is sparsely spread around the landscape and has shallow roots which is probably why they 'release' easily from the soil and then bounce along the ground in the wind like I imagine tumbleweed does.

I have googled several different adjective combinations and so far I haven't come up with its name.

For now these gems are going to part of my fall decor until they drop too many seeds, fall apart, or  I realize that one of us is allergic to it.

Any guesses?

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