Thursday, September 13, 2012 kitchen to stay clean I took the kids out to dinner

Of course I didn't tell my children that I was taking them to dinner because I wanted my kitchen to stay clean.

I told them it was a reward for their excellent behavior and their ability to complete their chores, homework, and other tasks practically without complaint for the past week.

Isn't this a proven way in which I can expect to increase my children's good behavior?  By rewarding it and by complimenting it?


No kitchen is clean and their bellies are full.

Besides they LOVE choice-night at the mall!

And of course each they chose a different place to eat.

After dinner we attempted to do a little shopping at the mall since Will has a gift certificate practically burning a hole in his wallet.  

We aborted that attempt.

Hmmm...wonder why?

And instead finished off our evening with a trip to Sam's club.  The big kids have birthday parties to attend this weekend (we bought gifts) and I am always hoping this is the month they will start carrying the chocolate chips I like again (I found out that the Ghirardelli Dark chocolate chips I buy in 5 lb. bags are in a fact a seasonal item.   Who knew?).

I think they enjoyed the evening....

And I got a few Christmas ideas!

Thoughts on whether or not Mark will veto the giant horse???

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