Friday, August 31, 2012 indulge

...again in this amazing dessert

Because there was left-overs from last night.

We had an old Army friend of Mark's over for dinner last night.

And for many reasons I needed a super quick dessert to serve after dinner.

I dug into my old recipe cache for a few ideas and was reminded of this treasure given to me by my friend Amy Holden, a friend from our time at both the Air Force Academy and Fort Campbell.

This is what I well Isabella made yesterday afternoon:

oh. my.

My very helpful daughter:

crushed a package of Oreo cookies
and added a stick of melted butter.
She pressed this mixture into a squarish pan,
spread a gallon of soft ice-cream over the crust,
and let this mixture freeze for a while
Then she poured nearly a full jar of hot fudge on top,
and re-froze this deliciousness.

As you can imagine the peanut galley gave this recipe a full eight thumbs up!

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  1. Boy I'd like a piece right now!!!Looks awesome