Sunday, September 9, 2012 go to the drive-in


As a reward for...

the first week back into a routine...

a return to family dinners and less fast-food stops...

consuming less high-fructose corn syrup and

consuming more real fruit and vegetables!

We decided to go to the Drive-In movie theatre again.  This week Brave, Madagascar 3, and the Avengers was playing for a triple feature!  Mark and I have decided this has got to be one of the most affordable, family friendly activities in our area.  And our kids LOVE it!

Five families joined together in the fun and for most of the first movie the kids scrambled between the vehicles.  By the end of the first movie they were all pretty much back in the their own vehicles cuddled with their personal blankies, loveys, pillows, and mommies.

My girls.

I might have been able to capture a few more Kodak-moments except Abbey, Audrey and Mommy didn't quite make it past the first hour of the second movie; instead we were quite cozy sleeping out in the open-air.  It was such a beautiful evening!

The little girls fell right back to sleep in the truck on the drive home (Will was none too pleased about the flash of the camera!).

The drive-in will remain open until sometime in mid-October.  If we are lucky we'll get to catch at least one more double feature before the end of the season.

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