Sunday, September 30, 2012 find some diamonds! the Herkimer Diamond Mine

Amy and I have been planning this trip to the diamond mines all summer.  For various reasons we had to keep postponing our trip; and for good proved to be the perfect day, weather-wise, to do such an activity.

It is hard work swinging a sledge hammer and there is no shelter in the rock quarry from any of Mother Nature's elements (sun, wind, or rain).  We were quite comfortable in our jeans and sweatshirts... whistling while we worked.


The rock quarry

Working hard

Or playing

What a great family activity diamond mining turned out to be!  

The scenery was lovely...

And the kids found enough small treasures at often enough intervals their interest was kept.  They wanted to keep digging, pounding, and sifting.

I love this picture of Will and Katie.  It is a perfect example of how serious the kids were in their quest for gems.  

These kids worked hard and were dirty!

Their reviews:
"It was so much fun!" #2
"I just wish it were closer."  #1
"Can we go back again tomorrow?" #3
"Can you buy me a hammer?" #4
"I wish Fort Drum would make a diamond mine."  Adoptee for the day.
"Oh, my gosh it was so great!" LaGrange #1
"Good" LaGrange #3
"It was awesome!" LaGrange #2 
There we have it.  Straight from the mouthes of babes.  The mines were a hit!

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