Monday, September 10, 2012 get my game face on!


First Day of Pre-School.  School.  Work.  Homework.  Soccer.  FRG Meeting.  Soccer.  Dinner.  Bath.  Stories.  Bed.

Is it Friday yet?

Because I am tired.  Tired like I ran a marathon.  (Not that I would actually ever run a marathon...but tired nonetheless.)

Today was Abbey's first day of Pre-School.  No tears.  Barely a wave goodbye.  This kid was excited! Daddy was even able to take her to school for her first day (on his way to the airport).

Mark left for Louisiana for a few days.  While he isn't traveling to the vacation capitol of the south I think he certainly picked the right week to miss!  The first full week of school, work, and activities.

While the day wasn't catastrophic I can say the execution of all of the tasks above, wasn't exactly smooth.  There is a lot of room for improvement when this day goes on repeat for Wednesday.

Random thoughts about the day:

I need to have the kids set out their soccer clothes in the morning.  Yelling at child number 2, to find appropriate soccer clothes for child number 3, while I am trying to finish up with patient number 10 of my day didn't exactly scream S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

I need to write it down.  I think kids perform better from a list than from the nag-in-the-next-room shouting said directions to them.

Fall soccer was a 'great idea' when I signed the three children up in July.  And...when I thought Mark was going to be home to take the kids to the cold practices.  I did not sign up for blankets and gloves in September!  Are you kidding me?

And why yes.  Yes, I did turn on the heat this evening after spending two hours freezing my tush.  It is now a balmy 70 degrees in my house.

See!  Blankets and gloves!

Lastly my thoughts turn to my baby.  My Sweet Audrey...Oxymoron?

Sweet as pie in the morning...
Here is proof...

The scene:  We are all freezing.  We have been at outside for two hours (my car read 49 degrees).  (By the way, despite several attempts, Audrey completely refused all requests to put on a jacket.)  My hands are full of snacks, snotty used tissues, blankets, and my camera.  And Audrey has decided now is the time to have a temper tantrum.

This child is not sweet.  Not. Sweet.  And Abbey...Abbey was so sad.  She seemed to think I was really going to leave Audrey.  You can sense the distress in her voice.

It was Abbey who finally convinced Audrey to get in the van.


Audrey finally calmed down about five minutes from home.  When I asked her what she had been crying about...she said, "I wanted to eat beef for dinner."

Why of course Lil' One.  Of course that is what you wanted.


Wednesday I will serve beef.


  1. Well of course- beef for dinner- who wouldn't have known that?!Poor Abbey): I hear the distress in her voice

  2. i love this, it had me in stitches. i love those girls.