Monday, February 27, 2012 take care of my baby

...bless her little heart she has a stomach bug again.

I have been saying many prayers of thankfulness to St. Timothy that she waited until we got home until she started throwing up!  I think I may never have taken her on a road trip again...

She has been such a champ and is one of the most verbose throwing up persons I have ever known.

At midnight last night, after cleaning her up and getting her back in bed:
"Mommy, I fink I need my frow (throw) up butet (bucket)."
Without glasses on and by the light of my phone, I sorted through the toy room as quickly as I can.  I could not come up with the famous 'throw up bucket'.  Instead I picked a close second; a pink, baby doll bathtub.

Incredulously she reported:
"Mommy, that is not my red frow up butet!  That is the pink baby bathtub.  (As if I didn't realize this.)"
Very sweetly she pleaded:
"Do you think you could paint this bathtub red?"
"Umm...No.  It is dark outside Audrey.  It is time for sleeping."
Not giving up hope:
"Maybe in the morning you can take the bathtub out to the garage and paint it red with your spray paint Mommy?"

Mercifully...I found the red bucket this morning.

All day she battled this bug.

And all day she maintained her spirits.  I hope tomorrow is better for her.

Catching her on camera smiling/happy has proved to be one of my most difficult tasks of late...but this weekend she was in her element with her best buddies.  Here are a few fun shots to share:

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  1. Poor Audrey (and mommy!)... stomach bugs are the worst! :( I hope she wakes up feeling healthy and happy this morning!