Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...to try to get a job

...as if I need something else to keep me busy.

Well Mark says I do.

Something about money....me spending it...blah blah blah.

I say, "In due time".

Mark says:  Before I get home.

I 'tried' to start working shortly after I got here.  Maybe not-so-surprisely, things were a little crazy trying to settle in.  My goal to start working changed to 'when he left after R&R'.

I went through the steps.  I made flyers.  Had business cards printed.  I even updated all of my information with TRICARE.

Then, in November, I received one referral for a family that I love working with.

Although my flyers are still circulation and my business cards are still out there, I haven't had any referrals since.  

I have said, "it is a sign".  (as in: I am not supposed to work right now.  I am supposed to be here for our children...to mold and shape them!)  

Mark's retort is probably, "a sign I am trying to avoid working". 

I have to be honest...I have been secretly glad about that I barely work.  I already don't know where the days go.  I can't imagine actually trying to cram reports and appointments in.  Besides, who would taxi #1 and #2 around for their extra-curriculars?

Now...I am beginning to panic about a lot of things that I have to do before Mark comes home.  Finding a job happens to be like number 22 on my list.

Unfortunately, I think it is number 3 on Mark's list of important things I should do before he comes home (having us all at the airfield is number 1, and planning a vacation for him and I is number 2).

In short

Mark's arrival home is on the horizon and my 'deadline' is looming.

I'll try to humor him and acquiesce to his list.

Wouldn't you know it...Tomorrow I have three appointments scheduled! Two new referrals that I acquired only today.   Apparently, these happen to be blind referrals from TRICARE.

It's funny...as much as I didn't think I wanted to work, I am really excited to meet these two new families tomorrow.  So family and friends, if you know of any families around Fort Drum looking for in-home speech therapy....

I am open for business again.

This time for sure.

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  1. I'm proud of you! The referrals will start pouring in and soon you'll be wondering what to do with all of your new families. (Of course, I'm not a big fan of working myself so I can imagine how difficult it would be to get the motivation flowing.) :)